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March 30, 2009

The Ultimate Puzzle

This is a story of four boys - Chinku, Dinku, Pinku and Tinku.

One day all of them decide to save their money in a bank(Joint Account).
They select a bank called “Lena Bank”

The bank's specialty is: In every month the money gets doubled.

In 2nd month, Chinku withdraws 100-Rs from bank.

In 3rd month, Dinku withdraws 100-Rs from bank.

In 4th month, Pinku withdraws 100-Rs from bank.

In 5th month, Tinku withdraws 100-Rs from bank.
Then their balance in the bank becomes zero.

How much amount had the boys put in the bank?

March 24, 2009

2 Batsman are on 94 problem ?

2 batsman r on 94. 2 balls remaining & 7 runs to win.
and both the batsman make their century & win match How?

March 20, 2009

Challenging Problem

Just spell the numbers as one, two, three, .........
Now tell me which will be the shortest number
containing "Least number of "a" irrespective of the place"

March 17, 2009

Be puzzled

A hotel has 10 floors.
Which floor is above the floor below the floor,
below the floor above above the floor,
below the floor above the fifth ?

March 10, 2009

Date of birth puzzle

Ninu was born on 3rd march 1980. Mini was born 4 days before nenu.
The Republic Day of that year fell on a saturday.
Then Mini's birthday was on

(a) Sunday

Logic brain teaser

There are 1000 soliders with a no. on their T Shirts
(1,2,3.....999,1000) standing on a circular track.
Man with no.1 is carrying a sword in his hand.
He kills man at no. 2 and pass on sword to no. 3.
This goes on until we have only one solider on the track.
What will be the no. on his T-Shirt?