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October 23, 2011

The wine bottle puzzle

I have two 10 litre bottles full of wine and 2 other empty
bottles of 5 and 4 litres. I want to fill 3 litres in each
empty bottles without the help of any additional object and without
pouring out or wasting a single drop of wine.

October 1, 2011

Fake Note Puzzle

Ram and Mohan are friends, having their own shop, side by side.
Once Shyam came to Ram's shop, asked for a water bottle, that
costs 20Rs. Shyam gave 100 Rs. note, but Ram didnt have change.
Ram gave the same 100Rs. note to Mohan and took cange from
him. Ram kept 20Rs from that change an return remaining amount
and a water bottle to Shyam.
Next day Mohan complained to Ram that the 100Rs. note gave him
and took change was fake note, then Ram gave him a real 100Rs.
note and take the fake 100Rs. note back.

what is the total loss to Ram in the whole transaction.
{profit/loss on water bottle neglected}