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March 29, 2015

Birbal Solves Farmer’s Well Dispute

A farmer and his neighbor once went to Emperor Akbar’s court with a complaint. “Your Majesty, I bought a well from him,” said the farmer pointing to his neighbor, “and now he wants me to pay for the water.” “That’s right, your Majesty,” said the neighbor. “I sold him the well but not the water!” The Emperor asked Birbal to settle the dispute.
How did Birbal solve the dispute in favor of the farmer?

March 24, 2015

The Greek Philosophers

One day three Greek philosophers settled under the shade of an olive tree, opened a bottle of Retsina, and began a lengthy discussion of the Fundamental Ontological Question: Why does anything exist?

After a while, they began to ramble. Then, one by one, they fell asleep.
While the men slept, three owls, one above each philosopher, completed their digestive process, dropped a present on each philosopher's forehead, the flew off with a noisy "hoot." Perhaps the hoot awakened the philosophers.
As soon as they looked at each other, all three began, simultaneously, to laugh.

Then, one of them abruptly stopped laughing. Why?

March 18, 2015

How many 0’s between 1 to 200 ?

How many 0’s are present in numbers from 1 to 200 ?
(including both numbers)

March 10, 2015

4 Tablets Puzzle

If I give you 4 tablets which consist of 2 for fever and 2 for cold.
All 4 being of the same size, shape, taste, weight and color and have no cover. You have to take 1 cold and 1 fever tablet right now.
How will you choose correctly?

March 4, 2015

Poisoned Wine Puzzle

You have 240 barrels of wine, one of which has been poisoned. After drinking the poisoned wine, one dies within 24 hours. You have 5 slaves whom you are willing to sacrifice in order to determine which barrel contains the poisoned wine.
How do you achieve this in 48 hours?

March 3, 2015

Month Puzzle

If January   = 101025
February     = 6525
March         = 13188
April           = 1912
May            = 13125
June           = 10215
July            = ?

March 1, 2015

Wrotten Apple !

An apple is in the shape of a ball of radius 31 mm.
A worm gets into the apple and digs a tunnel of total length 61 mm,
and then leaves the apple. (The tunnel need not be a straight line.)
Prove that one can cut the apple with a straight slice through the center so that one of the two halves is not rotten.