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August 29, 2008

Crossing The Lake Puzzle

There are four people in an adventure race that
need to get across a lake. They have a small
canoe. The rules say that only the slowest person
in the canoe can paddle, only one or two can be
in the canoe at a time, and they must all cross
in the canoe. From practice, they know that:

Ann can paddle across in 1 minute.

Bill can paddle across in 2 minutes.

Sue can paddle across in 5 minutes.

Mike can paddle across in 10 minutes.

How do they get everyone across the river
in the fastest time without breaking
the rules?

August 22, 2008

The Lazy Gardener

It takes two gardeners 8 days to mow a lawn.

One is lazy and one is energetic.

The energetic one would only take 12 days to mow it on his own.

How many days would the lazy gardener take to mow the lawn on his own?

August 14, 2008

Microsofts Puzzle

You have 5 jars of pills. Each pill weighs
10 gram, except for contaminated pills contained
in one jar, where each pill weighs 9 gm. Given
a scale, how could you tell which jar had the
contaminated pills in just one measurement?

Doctor and Engineer Puzzle

One of Mr. Bajaj, his wife, their son and Mr. Bajaj's
mother is an Engineer and another is a Doctor.

· If the Doctor is a male, then the Engineer is a male.
· If the Engineer is younger than the Doctor, then the
Engineer and the Doctor are not blood relatives.
· If the Engineer is a female, then she and the Doctor
are blood relatives.

Can you tell who is the Doctor and the Engineer?

What is the number?

what is number in this series


please explain the logic...

August 11, 2008

Think carefully!!

Cathy has six pairs of black gloves and six
pairs of brown gloves in her drawer.
In complete darkness, how many gloves must
she take from the drawer in order to be
sure to get a pair that match?
Think carefully!!