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August 22, 2008

The Lazy Gardener

It takes two gardeners 8 days to mow a lawn.

One is lazy and one is energetic.

The energetic one would only take 12 days to mow it on his own.

How many days would the lazy gardener take to mow the lawn on his own?


Rohan said...

Given the fact that Gardner is hard-code lazy, he will never finish the task ;).

However, if also work sometime then 24 days (inverse of (1/8-1/12)).

Anonymous said...

23.995 or 24 days

if the fast one takes 12 days to mown 100% of loan, so in 8 days he would cover


leaving 33.3333...=33.34% to cover by slow one in 8 days.

In 8 days he covers 33.34%,
for him to cover 100% he will need

8*100/33.34=23.995...=24 days

or simply put the hard one works twice the fast as the slow one

so slow one finish the work in double time 12*2=24 days

Beca said...

Twice the amount of the other gardener or 24 days.