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January 30, 2009

Clock time problem

A girl buys a clock 2 weeks back. This clock loses 24 mins
in every one hour time. You set the time at 12 midnight
and the clock now displays 3.00 am and it was stopped one
hour back from now. So,what is the actual time now?

January 29, 2009

Train & tickets

Every station in a rail road issue every other station's ticket.
Some stations are added. Now they have to issue 46 more tickets.
The number of stations before and after addition is ?

Man and dog problem

A man is taking his dog for a walk. They set off together for a
waterfall 10 miles away. They set off exactly together and the
man walks at a steady 4 miles an hour. The dog runs off at 8 miles
an hour and when it reaches the waterfall it turns round and
runs back to the man. When it reaches the man it turns round and
runs back to the waterfall and so on until the man and dog arrive
at the waterfall. when they both arrive at waterfall ?

January 27, 2009

Critical Thinking Puzzles

Figure out how many gold medals Canada, Austria, Norway,
the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Russia, and the United
States received.

1. Norway won five times as many gold medals as Russia.

2. The eight countries won a total of fifty-nine gold medals.

3. Russia has one more gold medal than Italy.

4. If Japan won four more gold medals, they would have won the
same number of gold medals as Canada.

5. The Netherlands won eight more gold medals than one-third
the number of gold medals won by Austria.

6. If Canada had won one more than three times the number
of gold medals, they would have won thirteen more gold
medals than the United States.

January 20, 2009

Funny riddle

If the puzzle you solved before you solved the puzzle you solved
after you solved the puzzle you solved before you solved this one,
was harder than the puzzle you solved after you solved the puzzle
you solved before you solved this one, was the puzzle you solved
before you solved this one harder than this one ?
Explain your reasoning.

Shadow length

A pillar 6 feet tall casts a shadow 3 feet long on the ground.
If the pillar was 12 feet tall, how many feet in length
would the shadow be ?

January 16, 2009

Faulty coin problem

You are given twelve coins, of which eleven are genuine
and one is fake. All eleven genuine coins have the same weight
and the fake coin has a different weight. Find the fake in
three weighings.

Probability Puzzle

If a test to detect a disease whose prevalence is one in a
thousand has a false positive rate of 5%, what is the chance
that a person found to have a positive result actually has
the disease, assuming you know nothing about the person’s
symptoms or signs?

January 9, 2009

The six dice problem

There are six unloaded die.
Each has been rolled out of your sight and hidden behind a cup.
You are informed that no more than one of them landed a 6 - but
it may be that none of them did.

You are going to remove the cups one at a time.

Before you do, you label each cup with letters A to F.
This designates the order in which you will remove them.
You have complete discretion which cup is assigned each letter,
but once labeled they must be removed in alphabetical sequence.

Having labelled them, it is time to remove the cups accordingly from A to F.

If one of the dice landed as 6, under which cup is it most likely to be found?

Handshake Problem

Jack and his wife went to a party where four other married
couples were present. Every person shook hands with everyone
he or she was not acquainted with. When the handshaking was
over, Jack asked everyone, including his own wife, how many
hands they shook. To his surprise, Jack got nine different
answers. How many hands did Jack's wife shake ?

January 5, 2009

Lawn Puzzle

Grass in lawn grows equally thick and in a uniform rate.
It takes 24 days for 70 cows and 60 days for 30 cows to eat
the whole of the grass. How many cows are needed to eat
the grass in 96 days?

Substitute digits for the letters

Substitute digits for the letters to make the following relation true.
+ T R A D E

[Note that the leftmost letter can't be zero in any word. Also, there
must be a one-to-one mapping between digits and letters.
e.g. if you substitute 3 for the letter W, no other letter can be 3
and all other W in the puzzle must be 3. ]

Critical Reasoning Puzzle

A blindfolded man is asked to sit in the front of a carrom board.
The holes of the board are shut with lids in random order,
i.e. any number of all the four holes can be shut or open.
Now the man is supposed to touch any two holes at a time and
can do the following.

* Open the closed hole.

* Close the open hole.

* Let the hole be as it is.

After he has done it, the carrom board is rotated and again brought
to some position. The man is again not aware of what are the holes
which are open or closed. How many minimum number of turns does
the blindfolded man require to either open all the holes or close
all the holes? Note that whenever all the holes are either open or
close, there will be an alarm so that the blindfolded man will know
that he has won!!!!!

Find the next in the series


January 2, 2009

8 Ball Problem

You have eight almost identical balls, but one of them is
a little bit lighter than the others. It is not that lighter,
though, that you can tell the difference by hand, but you
have a two-armed balance. How can you find the light
ball with only two measures?

Fun Logic Puzzles

Syam was looking at a photo. Someone asked him, "Whose picture
are you looking at?" He replied: "I don't have any brother or
sister, but this man's father is my father's son."
So, whose picture was Syam looking at?