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March 10, 2015

4 Tablets Puzzle

If I give you 4 tablets which consist of 2 for fever and 2 for cold.
All 4 being of the same size, shape, taste, weight and color and have no cover. You have to take 1 cold and 1 fever tablet right now.
How will you choose correctly?


asim nazir said...

Break all the tablets in to two each. Take one half of each four tablets NOW. this will ensure that you've taken two tablets from all four tablets to confirm that one of them is for cold and other for fever.

João Marques said...

Take half of each tablet.

Ólafur said...

Cut all of them in half and take one half of each pill.

Ólafur said...

Cut all the pills in half and take one half of each pill.

வீரராகவன் said...

Take half tablet each so you will be ending up having 1 tablet for fever and 1 for cold