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April 30, 2008

The Prisoner

A prisoner is faced with a decision where he must open one of two
doors. Behind each door is either a lady or a tiger. They may be
both tigers, both ladies or one of each.

If the prisoner opens a door to find a lady he will marry her and
if he opens a door to find a tiger he will be eaten alive.
Of course, the prisoner would prefer to be married than eaten alive.

Each of the doors has a sign bearing a statement that may be
either true or false. The statement on door one says,
"In this room there is a lady, and in the other room there is a tiger."

The statement on door two says, "In one of these rooms there is a
lady, and in one of these rooms there is a tiger."

The prisoner is informed that one of the statements is true
and one is false.

Which door should the Prisoner open?


Tarun said...

Door 2

saurabh said...


rahul said...

if only one statement can be true then it will be door 2 only.

sindhuja said...

door 2 only

monika said...

ans. He should enter door 2
sol. If first statement is true then it is necessary for second statement to be true.
as only one statement should be true then it should be second statement
now, as first is false , the lady would be in door 2 so prisoner should open door 2 to avoid tiger and marry the lady.

Madshow said...

im enjoying this...but the facts are tricky...any way as per the statements door 2 is my pick

Anonymous said...

door 2 is true logic in any ways but 1 may fail in any condition..

Tom Seleck said...

1. If door 2 is true, door 1 will be false, meaning the prisoner should choose door 2.
2. If door 2 is false (which means there are ladies or tigers in both rooms), door 1 MUST be true! But, the fact is in this case the door 1 CANNOT be true because it conflict the door 2 statement.

Conclusion: statement in door 1 is false. So, door 2 is the way to go.

Mohammad Azimuddin said...

If statement on door 1 is supposed to be true then door 2 will also be true. But it is given that one of the statements is true and other is false. So, Door 1 is false.