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September 11, 2008

Who is Lier ?

This was a burglary in the Silver City
jewelry store last Sunday.
Three suspects: Robert, Scott, and Tommy
were caught and questioned.
Each person said, "One of the other two stole it.
I did not do it."

Later on the police found out that Tommy
was lying and there was only one thief.
Who was the thief?


Anonymous said...

It is Tommy who did it. If Tommy is lying one of his two statement is wrong. The first statement "One of the other two stole it" is a lie implies that Tommy has done it. Same way the second statement "I did not do it" also implies Tommy as the thief.

sundeep said...


Anonymous said...


Beca said...

T to the O the the M to the M to the M to the Y whats it spell TOMMY.

Beca said...

With an extra M for Monster.