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December 29, 2008

Time and Distance Problem

A man had covered 2/3 of distance by cycling and remaining
covered on feet. For this he took twice the time to
the cycling. Find how much speed is greater for cycling
than on feet?


Anonymous said...

If he travels twice as far in half the time then he must cycle at 4 times his walking/running pace.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cycle would cross = example 3 hours
walking would be = 6hours


cycling is 3 times greater than walking

Himani said...

total dist = x
time(cycl) = t

then, time (walk) = 2t

dist (cycl) = 2x/3
so, speed (cycl) = 2x/3t

similarly, speed (walk) = x/6t

so, his cycl speed is 4 times that of walking!!