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December 5, 2008

True Lies

Tina & Meena are twins. One of them lies while the other
is truthful. I asked one of them, "Does Tina lie?" "Yes",
was the answer.Did I speak to Tina or Meena?


Anonymous said...

If its not a trick trick question I'd say it's Meena...

Anonymous said...

ummm...... it doesn't really look like there's enough info to figure it out...

philofsci said...

First anon is correct:

First recognize that there are 4 possibilities when asking the question: you can ask:
Meena (who lies or tell the truth)
or you can ask
Tina (who can lie or tell the truth)

Tina (truth) "do you lie?" she would say no and not yes so we can eliminate this one

Tina (lies) "do you lie?" she would say no and not yes so we can also eliminate this one.

Meena (lies) "does Tina lie?" Yes..
Meena (truth) "does Tina lie?" Yes..

therefore you spoke to Meena

Anonymous said...

she was liing saying she was meena so when he asked her "does tina lie" she was telling the truth so said yes. Meaining since he was talking to the one telling to the truth saying that she lied and so she s tina!!

Anonymous said...

He asked to "MEENA" is truthful.

TEENA answers "NO" (if truthful),
"NO"(if lying)

MEENA answers "YES"(truthful) "YES"(lying)

Anonymous said...

it obviously is Meena, because if you asked Tina if she was lying, and she was the liar, then she would have said that she didn't lie, but if you asked Meena if she lied and she tld the truth, she would truthfully answer that she did not. Therefore in order to get yes as an answer, it would have to be Meena.