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February 25, 2009

Train Puzzle

Two stations connected by railroad. Trains start every hour
from each station to the other , at the same time.
A Train takes 5 hours to reach the other station.
How many trains will a train meet during its journey?


Ranjan said...

it will be 9 in between...

ARI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ARI said...

Sorry abt the deletion. Had a change of mind! :-|

The answer is, indeed, 9. One train every half hour, including the train that is about to depart when a train reaches the other station.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please double check the answer provided? I think the answer is 5.

The train cannot meet more than 5 trains. There will be a total of 10 trains on the railway when it reaches the final destination.

Madan Solanki said...

hey i hv 2 answers..
1. only 1-bcoz it is not mentioned here whether the rail road is single lane or double lane.may b it could be single lane also depending upon the distance b/w two stations.
2. otherwise i think ans is 5.

vishnu chaitanya Mandalapu said...

I have two answers even..!!

1. Assume that the train started is the 1st one of the day, then that train will meet 6 trains; along with the train which is at the other station and ready to move at the 5th hour.

2. If that train is not the 1st train, then it may meet 10 trains along with the train on the other station.