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June 8, 2009

1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ?

Find the next number in the series...


Lisa said...


Secret Squïrrel said...

If each number in the series is multiplied by the next odd number then the answer is (1806*1807) = 3,263,442.

However, if each number in the series is multiplied by the next prime number then the answer is (1806*1811) = 3,270,666

Karthikeyan said...


1*1+1, 2*2+2, 6*6+6, 42*42+42, 1806*1806+1806

Rosaiah said...

after 1,2 u will get 3 ..learn digits first and come and crete puzzles. YOu come to assembly i will teach you 1,2,3

addicted to life said...

3 263 442

yeah! i did it ;)

Widad said...

Secret Squïrrel, the next ODD number, IS the next number (since all your answers will be even) and IS the next PRIME number (in this case).

Anyway you look at it, you will get the same answer.
(1806*1807) = 3,263,442

- is the next number after 1806
- is the next odd number
- is the next prime number

Anonymous said...

1807 is NOT prime. 13*139=1807

So as Lisa originally said, there are two solutions to this puzzle depending of if you use the next number, or the next prime number.

Babu vincent said...

N(n-1)^2+N(n-1)=1806^2 + 1806


Anonymous said...