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June 22, 2009

Tricky puzzles

A bottle of soda costs $3. The soda is worth $2 more than the bottle.
How much is the bottle worth?


watchmath said...

I am not sure because your title say that it is tricky.

Coricill said...

yeps thats correct ;)

X + Y = 3

with x equals the soda en Y equals the bottle.

so X = Y + 2 (because the soda is worth 2 dollar more than the bottle)
So lets put this together:

(Y+2)+Y = 3
==> 2Y + 2 = 3
2Y = 3-2
2Y = 1
Y = 1/2 = 0,5

Tadaaa :D love the riddles on this site :D better than the good old bed time storys from the old days hehe :D

Kind regards

guilda2 said...

.5 for the bottle is wrong it should be $1.

The Soda is worth $2 more than the bottle. If you add $2 to .5 as a proof the total would be $2.5. But the puzzle said The price of the bottle was $3.

suvendu said...

its not at all tricky man.....its quite simple........
bottle costs $.5 and soda $2.5

Dhayalan M said...

S = Soda
B= Bottle

S = 3
B = ?
S+B = 3 or B = 3-S
S = B+2 (because the soda is worth 2 dollar more than the bottle)

3 = B+2
B = 3-2
B = 1

So the cost of the bottle is $1

Anonymous said...

seems like everyone has diff views on the answer? if the cost off the bottle was 1. lets look at that, it says the soda is worth two more dollars than the bottle... so two more dollars than one dollar is three right? so that would just be the price of the soda!!! not including the bottle...
bottle and soda!!! not just soda
soda 2.50
bottle .50
total 3.00
get it?? soda 2 more than bottle

. said...

its pretty simple if u come up with the answer .5 because 2.5-.5=2.

but i see it as
"a bottle of soda costs $3" this implies that the answer is nothing but $3.

then it says "the soda is 2$more than the bottle" implying that the cost of soda is 2$+3$=5$.but this does not make any difference.

so the answer remains $3.


. said...


thinking like this only coz the question says its "tricky"...

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that our hypothetical soda jerk is an idiot, selling his wares at cost? ;)

Anonymous said...

cost of bottle= x
cost of soda= x+2
adding both we get

2x + 2 = $3( it is BOTTLE of SODA i.e BOTTLE+SODA)

thus x= 0.5 $

Arodiski said...

to me it's like this
the bottle of soda = $3
bottle without soda = x
the soda itself = x+2
x+ $2 = $3
x= $3-$2
x= $1
When I fill it in it seems to fit the answer ...
A Bottle of soda costs $3. The soda is worth $2 more than the bottle which is $1 => $2+$1 = $3
Is this correct please help me if this isn't the case
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

This is OBVIOUSLY $0.50 . I can prove my answer because it says the soda, itself without the bottle, is two dollars MORE than the bottle. So if you say that the bottle is $1.00, then you are saying the soda is worth $3.00!!! That would make a total of $4.00, and would send the whole problem out of whack!

Soda(without bottle)=$2.50

Anonymous said...

Based on all your derivations, and the problem itself; it is tricky, the real question is :

What the puzzler meant by "A bottle of soda" at the beginning of the statement.

There can only be 2 derivations :

A. If he meant the bottle only without the soda =

The answer would be $3 and nothing would change since the question is asking the cost of just the botlle

B. If he meant bottle + soda =

Then the answer will be $.5c


Soda is $2.5 and it is $2 more than the bottle :

Soda (2.5) - Bottle (.5) = 2

Pretty tricky ..

maddy said...

we have to read between d line ie bottle of soda cost $3 ie its price is alredy given and n if ther is soda in it thn it cost $5 ie 3+2=5 so my ans is $3 which is alredy given

Beca said...

It's 3 dollars not that hard to comprehend when you slow down and read.

Beca said...

It's 3 dollars not that hard to comprehend when you slow down and read.

Unknown said...

the bottle without soda is of no use...is of no worth...