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July 15, 2009

Logic riddles

A horse have to transfer bananas from one point to the other point
(points are 1000km apart). He can take atmost 1000 bananas at a time
and he eats 1 banana after every km he travels. Tell me the
maximum no. of bananas he can take to the final point if the total
no. of bananas are 3000 ?


kiklibio said...

533,33 bananas are sell-able

The horse needs to run 3 times.
So 3 times to the market and 2 times back.
For each km he runs he eats one banana. So he eats in total 5 bananas for each km.

When he made 200 runs he would have eaten 1000 bananas, Only 2000 bananas are left than.
That means he only needs to run 2 times to the market and 1 time back.
For each km he runs he eats 3 bananas.

But after another 333,33 km there are only 1000 bananas left.
That means that he only needs to run once.
So 1 banana for 1 km that is.

In total the horse eats:
(200 x 5)+ (333,33 x 3) + (466,66 x 1) = 2466,66

3000 bananas minus 2466,66 is 533,33 bananas left to sell.


i think this is it. if someone could check my thoughts and method?

Secret Squïrrel said...

Yep, looks good (apart from force-feeding a horse 1 banana every km).

By way of clarification as to what the horse actually does -

He picks up 1000 bananas and walks 200km, drops off 600 bananas and returns (eating 400 for the round trip). Repeat once (1200 bananas cached). The 3rd journey out to 200km doesn't require a return trip so he adds another 800 bananas to the cache (total 2000).

Now he loads up and travels a further 333.3km out (to 533.3km) and drops off 333.3 bananas (assuming they can be split) and returns to the cache (eating 666.6 bananas for the round trip). He picks up the final 1000 bananas and drops of 666.6 (needing to eat only 333.3). Total in cache 1000 bananas.

He has travelled 533.3km out so has 466.6 to go. He loads up with the remaining 1000 bananas, eats 466.6 on the way leaving 533.3 (altho' he'll have a hard time selling a banana that's been partially eaten by a horse, unless it's as horse-feed).

Kiklibio said...

Haha :D i just read a text written by a squïrell about a horse.... and the disturbing thing is ... he is right again! :D haha :D

Anyhow... thx for the clarification my answer might be a litle confusing indeed ^^

Kind regards

Viagra Online said...

If this relation is one on one, then If the horse can carry 1000 bananas a time and ravels 1000km eating 1 per km, then, when he gets to the store, there wouldn't be any banana left, then how is the horse going to make it, I mean, to go back 1000 km with no banana?
My answer is ZERO