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February 22, 2010

Rooks problem

Consider a chessboard with a single Rook. A Rook can move any
number of square sideways/forward, but not diagonally.
What is the minimum number of moves the Rook needs to make, in
order to pass over all the squares on the chessboard and return
to the original position?

Note: Take any square as a starting position for the Rook.


Secret Squïrrel said...

There are 8 columns of squares so that's 8 moves. There must be seven horizontal moves between the vertical, plus one to return to the starting position.

16 moves total.

Anonymous said...


Jakob said...


Anonymouse said...

It can't be an odd number. It takes an even number of moves for a rook to return to its starting position.

Rahul said...

It will be 16....15 to cover all squares but one more to reach the original square

Anonymous said...

mouse is wrong

bharath said...


Ashleigh Thomas said...

mouse is wrong