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March 17, 2010


I bet you for Rs. 100 that if you give me Rs. 200, I will give you
Rs. 300 in return.

Would you bet with me? Why?


ashwin ramachandran said...

Ur blog is damn good.
And here is the answer to this puzzle


Case 1:
a) I give you rupees 200.
b) You give me back rupees 300.
c) You win the bet and so i give you 100 back.

Case 2:
a) I give you rupees 200.
b) You dont give me anything
c) You lose the bet and give me 100.
I STILL STAND TO LOSE 100 in this case.

So in either case, i either stand to lose or stand to gain NOTHING.

Therefore i wont bet. :):)

nthng said...
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Mac said...

i dint thought about the second case
good work ashwin

Pratap said...

Good one ashwin

Anonymous said...

i know i am VERY late to this, yet my way was that if i took the bet, he said if he would give 100, he woul give 100, yet h said he would give 100 and not 300, meaning you will lose.