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March 2, 2010

Phone number permutation

If you were to dial any 7 digits on a telephone in random order,
what is the probability that you will dial your own phone number?

Assume that your telephone number is of 7-digits.


Tiger Woods said...

1 in (10^7)

Anonymous said...

1 in 9x10^6

Anonymous said...

1 in 9000000 cuz its observation over the total frequency and your phone number is one number and the total possible numbers is 900 0000 (100 0000 to 999 9999)

Jakob said...

1/(10^7), since there are 10 numbers (counting 0), and there are 7 digits in the number.

Secret Squïrrel said...

It is 1 in 9x10^6 (1 in 9,000,000) because no-one's local phone number begins with zero. Zeroes are reserved for signalling the exchange that you are making a special type of call; eg emergency (000), out-of-area (0n nnn nnnn), mobile/cell (0nnn nnn nnn), etc.

Anonymous said...

1/(7x10^N).1 represents your phone number,7 represents the number of digits of your phone number, 10 represents the numbers that can be dial in a telephone and the N represents that how many times do you dial before you could possibly dial your phone number.....

ulquiorra said...
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Anonymous said...

To start off , let us tackle numbers with 2 digit only.

1st digit 2nd digit
can be 1-9 can be 0-9

because nos don't start with 0 for that will make the number a one digit entity.So toally 9*10 = 90 nos

for 3 digit nos

1-9 0-9 0-9

9*10*10 = 900

Similarly for 7 digit no,it will be

= 9 * 10^6

= 9* 10 ^ (no of digits -1 )
Hence our probability is

1 / 9*10^(7-1) = 1/ 9*10^6

### ABHIRAM ### said...

since 1st digit can not be zero
total no of ways=9*10*10*10*10*10*10

Anonymous said...

one mill of a chance