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May 28, 2010

Anil & Mail

Anil has to receive a mail from Station, but the train arrives
early and the mail is then sent by a cart to him. Both Anil and
cart met in the middle in 30 mins. Due to this in whole journey
anil saved 20 mins, due to eary arrival of train.

Now tell me how early the train arrived?


goma said...

ten mins.

Carolina said...

Jewels mentioned your blog and since I like to be puzzled...
In the Netherlands trains always arrive late, so this is too abstract for me to get my mind around ;-)

Secret Squïrrel said...

If the cart was travelling for 30 mins then the train must have been early by at least that much.

Anil saved 20 mins off his round trip which means he was 10 mins away from his usual arrival time. Assuming that Anil usually arrived as the same time as the train, the train must have been 30 + 10 = 40 mins early.

King hrath5 said...

this is totally confusing for me with the names.

Anonymous said...

its not easy to guess

anyways just a try assuming the train time = anil arrival time to station

20 min train early + cart he met in middle after 1.30hrs(1hrs to his home+30 min to middle)

=1.50hrs earlier the train