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November 26, 2014

A lady buys goods worth Rs 200 from a shop..

A lady buys goods worth Rs 200 from a shop (whose shopkeeper is selling the goods with zero profit). The lady gives him a Rs 1000 note. The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop, keeps Rs 200 for himself, and returns Rs 800 to the lady.
Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the Rs 1000 note saying "duplicate" and takes his money back. How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face?


Anish Antony said...


Raghav said...

1000. There's a similar puzzle already posted earlier. Please refer to that for solution!

Anonymous said...

He's out the thousand he gave back to the shopkeeper for the duplicate note, plus the 200 worth of goods he lost to the lady. 1200

Anonymous said...

1200 RS.
1000 rs - is the amount , the shopkeeper had returned to next shopkeeper .
200 is the amount , he returned to the lady in exchange of duplicate note.

so, the shopkeeper left with 800 duplicate note , which has no value.

hope, this will clear your doubt.


Anonymous said...

1000 rs to next shopkeer
800 rs to leady

JyRKS said...
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Anonymous said...

lost 600

cuz --> -200 for food
-200 he gave her
-200 he had to pay to the . other retail

Secret Squïrrel said...

The shopkeeper has only lost 1000 RP. This consists of the 800 RP change given to the lady and the 200 RP worth of goods.

The 1000 that he gives back to his neighbour shopkeeper doesn't count because he is just returning what the 'keeper gave him before when he first traded the counterfeit 1000 RP note.

To check, the total losses must equal the total gains.
1. The neighbour shopkeeper has neither gained nor lost.
2. The lady has gained 200 RP of goods + 800 RP change = 1000 RP.
3. Therefore the original shopkeeper can only have lost 1000 RP.

Unknown said...

Lady 1000rs fake note...
200 goods shopkeer 1
200 goods invest by shoopkeeper 1
800rs+200 goods to lady
1000rs to next shoopkeeper 2
800rs given to lady +200 rs goods
Now shopkeeper recive 200 rs from lady but not goods
Other shoopkeeper 2 said fake note of 1000 rs
Shopkeeper 1 give 200 rs recive from lady + 800 rs from his side to shoopkeeper 2
Now calculation of loss for shoopkeeper 1 = 200 recive for goods + 800 rs from his side + 200 rs worth goods sold to lady = 1200

Anonymous said...

Three people are involved in this transaction !

1) Using 1000 rupees fake not lady earned 800 rupees genuine cash and 200 rupees worth goods. Total amount gained = 1000 rupees!

2) Shopkeeper earned 1000 rupees worthless fake note and incurred 1000 rupees loss (valid currency)!

3) Next shopkeeper gained no profit...it was just an exchange of currency.

Here, The one who is in loss is shopkeeper ! net amount 1000 Rupees !

prady kris said...

200 for goods
800 for lady
1000 for shopkeeper
Total 2000

Anonymous said...

Net loss is 1000 to shopkeeper
Lady gained 1000 (200+800)
Neighbr got no loss as he got back in return of duplicate of 1000