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February 23, 2015

Playing with Invisible Dice

You have 2 dice. One regular die and a an invisible die. Numbers 1 to 6 are written on the regular die.But you don't know what's written on the invisible dice.
After tossing both, I speak the sum of outcome of both die. It so happens that the outcome is always an integer between 1 to 12, with equal probability (1/12 each).
Can you guess what are the numbers printed on special invisible dice?


Jerry Critter said...

Three zeros and three sixes on the invisible die.

Anonymous said...

three 0s and three sixes

Anonymous said...


JyRKS said...

When you have three 0's and three 6's on the sides of the invisible dice, then you get equal chances of getting any number from 1 - 12.

You have 50% of getting a 0 or a 6 on the invisible dice and 16.67% chance of getting any number from 1-6 on the visible dice.

Totaling 8.33% chance to roll any number from 1 - 12.

For an example you can roll 1 and 0 or 6 and get 1 or 7.

Roll 4 and 0 or 6 and get 4 or 10.

This way you have 8.33% equal chance to roll any number.