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February 19, 2015

Alex bought a bag of apples

Alex bought a bag of apples on Saturday, and he ate a third of them. On Sunday he ate half of the remaining apples.
He ate one more on Monday and one more on Tuesday, and then ate half of the remaining apples on Wednesday. On Thursday he looked in the bag and saw that there was just one apple left.
How many apples did the bag have to begin with?


Jerry Critter said...

He started with 12 apples.
Ate 4 on Saturday, leaving 8. (1/3 of 12)
Ate 4 on Sunday, leaving 4. (1/2 of 8)
Ate 1 on Monday, leaving 3.
Ate 1 on Tuesday, leaving 2.
Ate 1 on Wednesday,leaving 1. (1/2 of 2)
Left with 1 on Thursday.

Unknown said...

Backtracking method:

Remaining =1

Asim Nazir said...

Started with 12 Apples.