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April 14, 2016

Nine Children in a House Puzzle

There are nine children in the house, and only them in the house so

A is ironing
B is watching tv
C is cooking
D is playing chess
E is bathing
F is listening radio
G is sleeping
I is dressing

And what is H doing right now?


Jerry Critter said...

H is playing chess with D.

Anonymous said...

Playing chess with D

Movin said...

Playing chess with D, obviously.

João Marques said...

Playing chess with D. He can't play alone.

Raghav said...

Playing Chess.

Anonymous said...

H is playing chess

Gaurav Tambi said...

h is playing chess

Veenu Saini said...

H is playing chess with D

N.S.Sivasankaran said...

Trying to solve the puzzle

IBM Ron said...

Playing chess with D

Anonymous said...

Could be playing chess online. Therefore not enough info given.

Heather said...

You can also play chess against yourself.

Abhishek Maheshwari said...

There can be 2 answers
First H is playing chess with D (But if he is playing,then who is observing all this?)
H is Sitting ideally and watching everyone,What they all are doing?
So that he has mentioned easily ,What all are doing
So that I think second answer is more better than first one.

Source:- What H is doing?

Sam said...

H has to be the one giving information about what the other children are doing since "there are 9 children in the house, and only them..."

H could be playing chess with D, but then in that case H could also be partaking in any of the other children's activities. (i.e. TV with B, cooking with C, radio with F or even bathing with E)

As mentioned already D can play chess without any of the other children.
Online chess, playing against a computer or playing against him/herself.