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May 4, 2016

Puzzle - January 713, February 823

Here is a list showing the month and a number for each month.

January 713
February 823
March 531
April 542
May 351
June 462
July 471
August 683

Decode the logic and find the number for September = ?


Movin said...

September 993

First digit = number of letters in the month name
Second digit = serial number of the month in the year
Third digit = number of vowels in the month name

João Marques said...

993 but for me, y is a vowel.

Unknown said...


Number of letters in name
Month of year
Number of vowels in name

The Pickaxe said...

Think of each number (i.e. 7, 1, 3) as a separate number.

First number:
January. 7 letters.
February. 8 letters.
March. 5 letters.

Second number:
Number of the month (January = first month = 1).

Third number:
Number of vowels in the month (January = a,u,a = 3)

Number for September:

Cosman said...